Every day, you do one simple act that causes foot pain: you put on your shoes.

Those who suffer foot pain know how their condition interferes with normal movement during a workday or at home. Bunions, for example, rub against even the most comfortable shoes.

Learn more about this painful condition and Chicagoland bunion treatment below.

What Are Bunions?

Those who habitually wear shoes that irritate their big toe may risk developing a bunion. However, genetics can also play a role. People who have pronated or flat feet may be more disposed towards bunions.

Physiologically, a bunion arises from a deformed bone on the big toe's base and side. As the big toe moves towards the index toe, the bunion grows. This condition creates pain when wearing shoes, as the shoe rubs against the bunion and inflames it further.

At every step, the toe joint's movement irritates the bunion and makes walking difficult if the bunion is large. Bunions also may lead to secondary deformities like hammertoe or arthritic joints. However, most sufferers in Chicagoland seek bunion treatment before the condition worsens.

What Treatment Options Exist?

Unlike calluses or corns, bunions won't heal on their own. Most podiatrists recommend the following strategies to reduce the pain and pressure of bunions:

  • Cushioned, anti-friction pads
  • Corn and callus removal
  • Specialized footwear that accommodates bunions without rubbing against them
  • Therapeutic exercises that help maintain joint mobility
  • Nighttime toe splints (particularly helpful for young patients)
  • Bunionectomy, a surgical procedure that removes the bunion completely

Talk to your podiatrist about the best treatment for your bunions.

What Should I Expect After Treatment?

Many podiatrists recommend conservative therapies first, which help the patient manage or fully alleviate bunion pain.

If patients still experience severe pain, a podiatrist may recommend surgery. Although surgical patients will need more recovery time, they also experience greater freedom and mobility afterward.

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